At the Store

Simple Tips
  • Eat a meal or snack before you go shopping. Going to the grocery store on an empty stomach can result in impulse shopping and more unhealthy food choices.
  • Try to focus on shopping the perimeter of the store, where there are fewer processed, packaged foods.
  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season. Buying canned and frozen fruits and vegetables can save money, but watch for added fat, sugar or sodium.
  • Some foods are good buys year round. Bananas, carrots, potatoes and apples are low-cost options. Use beans to save money on protein foods.
  • Buy common products in bulk to save money (e.g. rice, beans, cooking oil and frozen vegetables). Be sure you have enough storage space and that you will be able to use the items before they expire.
  • Convenience foods and single-serving items generally cost more. Use your meal plan to prepare your meals at home. Make your own frozen meals and single-size servings to save money.
  • Have spare time on the weekend? Take your family out to a farmer’s market to purchase some fresh, local produce. Look online to find a market near you.