Show your patients the right way to live healthy

Florida’s Health is in Your Hands  

Research shows that physicians have more influence than anyone else on the choices people make regarding their eating habits and lifestyles.

That’s why the Florida Medical Association’s Foundation for Healthy Floridians created the Healthy Living Toolkit for your patients. The toolkit is designed to assist you in giving your patients evidence-based guidance on choosing healthy, nutritious foods and getting more physical activity each day, all with an eye toward helping Floridians lead healthier lives. Studies prove that printed patient education materials improve patients’ adherence to their physicians’ guidance.

Obesity’s cost to our nation is staggering–and growing

Obesity-related diseases result in an estimated 400,000 deaths nationwide each year and $190 billion in health care costs—nearly 21 percent of all medical spending.

You are the link to a healthier Florida.


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